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Land + Van based Mood Board

The Ningaloo coastline is rugged yet pristine, with one of the most incredible reef systems in the world! From red dunes and desert-like landscapes to white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water, there is a unique backdrop ready for your products to be captured in and around. 

The option for videography 

Bring your product/s to life in the form of an eye catching Reel or Tik Tok. If you're after something lifestyle based, but are in need of more video content highlighting the functionality of your brand, we can definitely off this to you. The created example above highlights the location you will expect to see your product/s in. 

Water Based Mood Board

Nothing screams stunning imagery and videography like the contrasting colours of the Ningaloo. If you're after coastal/water based content, this location will authentically make your product(s) shine in its natural habitat. 

Equipped with our Fujifilm cameras, DJI drone and new Aquatec water housing, this could be the perfect opportunity to capture your product(s) from a different angle!

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