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All About Us

Alex and Kye are two travellers, both born in Australia's Northern NSW regions, with a passion for adventure, photography and sustainability. 


Together they spend their days travelling Australia, surfing, diving, hiking and capturing beautiful content in their VW Van. With a thirst for learning and growing, for discovering new and exciting places and people, this is a space for them to share and create with like-minded brands. 

We hope to forever maintain a child-like wonder, never forgetting to look at the world with hope and prosperity, so come along on our journey, we hope to work with you soon!


Alex and Kye .

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Photography for your space

A variation of dreamy, film inspired images to be utilised on your website and social media/ advertising platforms  

Videography for you space 

Watch an image come to life in the form of eye catching film. Lifestyle based short clips, highlighting the beauty and fine details for you space and its surrounds. To be utilised in the creation of reels and branded film production. 


Let us help you share your amazing place by creating captivating content, highlighting not only the surrounds but the entire experience. Collaborate with us online via our Instagram and Youtube Channel. Let's share it with new people, and watch your AirBNB grow!

If you'd like to see more of our work, follow us on Instagram or 'click the link' to see some of our collaborations with brands

Feedback from of our latest stay collaborations 


Hidden Cabins, WA

Ohhh I love the photos  thank you! Just downloading the videos now, your content is amazing!


 Cardwell AirBnb, QLD

I was struggling to find someone to photograph my place when Kye got in contact. I'm so happy with the way they captured my property. Thanks guys! 


Sandy Hill Tinny Home, SA

Thank you so so much, we appreciate you getting it back to us so quick! We loved the stories and content too! Please stay safe and your welcome back anytime!


Lot 11 Marion Bay, SA

So glad you enjoyed your stay. Thank you so much for the content, they look great! Safe travels, hopefully see you again soon!

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