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Muscle Balancing

Assessing the strength and flexibility of muscles pairs throughout the body identifies what muscles are weak, which are tight and which are over or underworked. 


Muscle imbalances put stress on joints ligaments and other muscles.


By proportionally evening out muscle tension between the left and the right sides, or the front and the back, the body supports the spine and other bone structures (joints), automatically improving posture, taking pressure off irritated muscles, and nerves... ultimately eliminating pain!

About me

Kye Duncan

(Corrective Massage Therapist and Muscle Balancing Coach)

My passion is in seeing every client get back to the things they love most. High performance athletes, weekend surf warriors, long hour chefs and nurses. Everyone has their 'IT', the things you must do, and the things you'd love to get back to.


Combining practices in osteopathy, massage therapy, fascial stretch therapy and holistic human movement patterns, sessions and personalised programs are specific to you and your needs/goals. These practices set the foundation for how I manipulate muscles through releasing, lengthening, activating and strengthening. 

I have a personal background heavily intrenched in competitive sport, especially athletics, football & surfing. Nowa days, I spend my free time in the surf, free-diving and/or developing my own physical and mental self through functional training, , pilates, self-release techniques and meditation.

Any Other questions or queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Call 0401250744


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