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Ever wanted a morning, afternoon or 'every day' routine you can turn to,  in times of pain and dyscomfort, or just to maintan your body for your demanding lifestyle? The 'Essentials' program is your tool box of self-release tecniques, stretches, activation and strengthening exercises specifically designed for you, your body and your lifestyle. 


Improve your movement systems, reduce pain and inflammation and speed up recovery times with this personalised approach. Based on the Muscle Balancing philosophies I practice with every day, you will begin to feel more aware, balanced and tolerable to your daily activities. 



Personalised 'Essentials' Program

  • Once purchased you will recieve a document containing a detailed questionaire. Answering these specific questions and attaching a few photos gives me a good understanding of your lifestyle, your goals and your body. Once receieved, I will analyse your responses and begin developing your program. Then it's your time to shine!

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