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This program was specifically designed and tested for waveski surfers by waveski surfers. It is written for those who surf, but find themselves restricted because of pain and/or would like to improve their surfing ability by becoming stronger, more mobile and capable in the surf. As surfers, we have to take advantage of every opportunity the ocean provides us… so being in pain or restricted when the swell hits is not ideal. Stay on top of niggles, improve mobility, build strength, and develop stability and tolerance.


Designed for beginner, intermediate and elite surfers alike. This is NOT a program for surf specific technique and tactics, however, will inherently improve your ability to surf through improving mobility, strength and coordination. By continuing, you are agreeing to use this program at your own risk and discretion, understanding there is inherent risk in stressing your body. If you have pain or injuries, we advise you to seek medical approval before continuing this program. Please train wisely, use your best judgement, and listen to your body.



Waveski & Kayak surf fit program

  • Once purchased you will recieve the program as a PDF document. Read through the introductory information, equipement needed etc. then get started!

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